Sunday, September 18, 2011

U.S. laboring to avoid veto of Palestinian statehood bid at UN, sources say

Haaretz has more balanced coverage of this issue than the MSM whores in this country!

The United States is working to gather enough United Nations Security Council members to resist a planned Palestinian statehood bid so as to avoid having to use its veto power, Israeli and U.S. sources said on Saturday.
American officials, including U.S. President Barack Obama, have been outspoken in their objection to a unilateral Palestinian move at the expense of continued bilateral peace talks with Israel.


  1. The reason the US wants to avoid the Veto is the likelihood that the General Assembly will over-ride it under the rules of Resolution 377. This would be a humiliating political defeat. Of course, the smart thing would be to allow Palestine to become a state and avoid the diplomatic losses,but the US Government must obey their masters and masters never care if slaves are publicly humiliated.

  2. How the Hell did the US get so subservient to this little piss-ant state?

  3. BajaJoes...Zionist control of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF AMERICA by ISRAEL there for control of everything from business in banking, wall street, media, retail, Government, right down to you're own community HOA, THIS NATION IS OWNED.