Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leaders On Test

An editorial From The Frontier Post
As the political leaders get together in Islamabad today in their conclave on the national response to the dire exigencies the country is caught up presently, they will be under close scrutiny of the public.

The Afghan war has palpably gone awry for the Americans and their NATO and Afghan allies, with now just an outside chance for them to salvage it. Not to look having been defeated, they are feverishly out to slap their near-certain debacle on Pakistan and make it their scapegoat and whipping boy. A volley of accusations and threats has already been unleashed on this country by the American generals and their political bosses as well as their lawmakers. Legislative measures are also afloat on the Congressional floors to twist Pakistan’s arm by flaunting the sword of aid stoppage. Their real intent is to browbeat and bend Pakistan to act as they want, regardless of how that venture could hurt Pakistan ruinously.

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