Thursday, September 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street protesters driven by varying goals

Occupy Wall StreetDay 13 of Occupy Wall Street begins with a march through the streets of Lower Manhattan around the time the opening bell rings on the stock exchange. (Carolyn Cole, Los Angeles Times / September 30, 2011)

The protest, which evolved from a network of individuals and groups galvanized by the demonstrations in Egypt last winter, has moved far beyond what it was on Sept. 17, when police barricaded the streets outside the Stock Exchange to prevent a march there to protest corporate greed. A map in Zuccotti Park pinpoints scores of other cities with Occupy Wall Street events either underway or planned, including sit-ins planned for Los Angeles on Saturday and Washington on Oct. 6.
On its website, Occupy Wall Street describes itself as a "leaderless resistance movement" drawn from people of all backgrounds and political persuasions.,0,6859500.story


  1. Its a good thing that we are driven by varying goals.

    NO CHANGE will be affected IF we are driven by a narrow series of special interests. We really do need to be the "99%" or close to it, then we will win.

    If we only support gay rights, an end to corporate personhood, green power, universal health care, union salaries, and vegetarianism- we will fail utterly.

  2. Hey! I'm on the Caveman diet. Eating mainly meat! Lost 70 lbs. No longer yellow from liver failure. Can't eat wheat or beans it will kill me. I have an autoimmune disorder. I eat meat,poultry and fish, green leafy veggies,and drink tea,coffee and water. Just had my blood work done and everything is good!
    What ever our various beliefs we have to learn to tolerate each other and stay united or the NWO boys will kill us all!