Wednesday, September 28, 2011

US attack kills 10 Afghan civilians

These kind of actions have destroyed our reputation overseas. At one time this country was loved by most of the world.Not anymore! For every civilian killed, a dozen of his or her relatives will join the Taliban.

The overnight attack took place in a district in Nangarhar province near the border with Pakistan on Wednesday. Witnesses said US troops also arrested a number of Afghans during the attack. 
Local officials confirmed the attack and claimed that those killed were anti-government elements.However, the US Military has yet to confirm the assault. 
   US warplanes also targeted a residential area in Ab Band district of the Ghazni province on Tuesday, leaving 35 people dead.


  1. The intent is to create more enemies to keep the phony war on terror going. You don't really think the war profiteers give a crap about the US's reputation, do you?

  2. Of course they don't John. The only thing they give a crap about is money,power and satiating their blood lust. Buncha psychopaths!