Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dow Destruction & Gold Super Highway

  • Our leaders’ answer to all economic problems is printing and lending more money. Is that a solution, or a denial that there even is a problem?
  • Our own fed promises a dollar-destroying low interest rate, for another two years. Overspending governments are not interested in a strong currency. They want your currency and purchasing power to be as weak as possible.
  • Technically, the counter trend rally that the dollar is enjoying looks to be headed into mid-October. The move looks to be an oversold bounce and nothing more. A byproduct of the strengthening dollar is a stock market that is in great danger.

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  1. Who controls the SEC? The U.S.A.? Not any more. Who controls the White house? The U.S.A.? Not anymore. Who controls Israel? The U.S.A.? Never did. Who controls all of the above? The same swine who built the 'world court of the world' in Israel. Not Israel. How do they do this? Jailhouse blind-siding and sucker punches. can we do anything about it? Not until America drops the TV remote control. If you do not do your homework, you will flunk. Cheap jive-ass hitmen need not apply.