Wednesday, September 21, 2011

U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan: Severed human heads brandished

What Happens when U.S. Forces attack!

Washington, D.C. 25 April (
The latest issue of German daily Der Spiegel and US journal Rolling Stone disclose an abominable and grotesque specter of psychopaths in the United States Army, who murder Afghans in cold blood and brandish their victims’ severed heads like hunting trophies.


  1. What can you say about someone who is not worthy of love or trust?

  2. Our country has given up the moral ground as they slowly eroded the school system and took God out of both the the public and Government domain. Even so called Christians have no empathy for the indoctrinated enemies, meaning their children, women and old people. We have become the world bully to get at their resources. Power and wealth have perverted us.

  3. Something I have noticed since I left the wilderness and rejoined American civilization is so many of my countrymen can't put themselves in the other guy's shoes. No empathy!
    I've met Christians? who seem to belong to the "Kill them all,let god sort them out!",sect of Christianity and I know an atheist fellow who has more empathy and compassion for his fellow man than anybody I know!