Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Rant!

     I have a reader named hunter commenting on one of my posts or should I say trolling!

American hikers freed in Iran, U.S. says


This "person" is angry with me because dammit I just can't get myself to hate a whole group of people ie,"THE JEWS"! I can't hate a whole group of people for what some people do! I'm just not a hater!

Several years back the government had me locked up. I was severely beaten by a schizophrenic inmate who happened to be black. I have lost all my teeth,was partially blinded in my right eye and suffered a severe concussion which causes me in conversation to repeat myself like Johnny 2 Times in "Goodfellas"! I was thrown into the shu after a P.A. stitched me up. They never let me see a doctor. A black inmate and a white inmate took care of me in there or I may have never made it!

  After I was sent back to a new pod I was protected from further beatings and abuse by the southern Mexicans,the black gang bangers and the white supremacists. Go figure! But the word went out;"Screw with this old man again and you have all of us to deal with!" Everybody made common cause for me! You see my charges were dismissed! The day it was announced on the evening news I got a standing ovation from all the guys in the pod! Took a few more months to get released,but that's another story!

The moral of the story for me was you can't hate a whole people for what a few do! Us little people have got to hang together regardless of race creed or color or we will all lose everything we hold dear! 

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