Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks Mike!

My country, may she always be in the right. But my country right or wrong is not my motto!
My country, may she always be in the right, but if she is wrong, lets right her and put her back on a true course to Truth, Freedom and Justice! That's my motto and the main purpose behind my little blog.
We are going to cover the wars,the economy, veterans affairs,the middle east, 911 and more.
   When we feel a rant coming on(probably after my morning pint and a half of smooth Sumatran coffee) we will do a few editorials from time to time.
We want to thank Mike Rivero webmaster and a true American Patriot at the best all round serious REAL news website on the internet or anywhere else for inspiring us to join the fight to save the planet and  for a real education the last 13 years or so!

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