Monday, September 19, 2011

Telesur Journalists Speak Truth on Libya

Love Gaddafhi or hate him(I'm indifferent,but I am a non-interventionist like George Washington and Ron Paul) Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa! This is nothing but a resource grab by the financially,moraly and spiritually bankrupt western powers (NATO)! Libya has some of the best low sulfur crude oil extant,natural gas and beaucoup fresh water. All war is about is theft and murder. There are always those who would rather earn their living by the sweat of other peoples brows!

After an August 8-9 NATO missile strike killed 85 civilians, 33 of which were children, Telesur’s Segura interviewed Abu Mimiar, brother of one of those killed. Mimiar asked the Telesur reporter if the killing of his brother, a rural farmer, “is the protection of civilians they (NATO) talk about? Or is it that those of us who care for and support Gaddafi don’t deserve protection?”

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