Monday, September 19, 2011

Hard Times Getting Harder

Americans are being hammered economically, politically and socially. Paul Craig Roberts quoted Vladimir Putin calling America "a parasite on the world."

PR manipulators present a virtuous image. Roberts said "Putin understated the burden that America is on the world. How much longer will (it) put up with" our virtuosity?

Death, destruction, and global economic wrecking defines its agenda. Libya at peace became a hellish charnel house. Mainstream Americans suffer greatly in deepening Depression.

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  1. Take back the banks, create money for the people. Take back the factories, make jobs for the people. Take back the MSM, tell the people the truth. Take back food production, feed the people. Take back the police, protect the rights of the people. Take back health-care, provide medical care for the people. Investigate 911 and London 7/7, free the people from the manufactured fear that has enslaved them.