Thursday, September 22, 2011

Depleted Uranium linked to birth defects and cancers among U.S. troops

American Use Of DU is “A crime against humanity which may, in
the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time.”
US Iraq Military Vets “are on DU death row, waiting to die.
The radioactivity persists for over 4,500,000,000 years killing millions of every age for centuries to come. This is a crime against humanity which may rank with the worst atrocities of all time.
We must also count the numberless thousands of miscarried babies. Nobody knows how many Iraqis have died in the womb since DU contaminated their world. But it is suggested that troops who were only exposed to DU for the brief period of the war were still excreting uranium in their semen 8 years later and some had 100 times the so-called ’safe limit’ of uranium in their urine.

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