Wednesday, October 5, 2011


By Jim Kirwan

There seems to be a huge confabulation surrounding what,s at stake with the demonstrators on and around Wall Street. Apparently these people cannot decide on what the FCK they want from the rest of us.
For me this one is easy.
Restore the Constitution and ENFORCE every provision therein.
This ought to be simple enough
For everyone whether they are observers or participants!
We had a Constitution that over the decades became just another dust-encrusted artifact for those that illegally took over power in this place. The deaf, dumb and blind public let them do this: And now they are upset because they no longer have ANY RIGHTS to fall back on.
I simply cannot believe that these so-called demonstrators are having any real difficulty defining what is they "WANT. If they actually knew anything about the roots of this nation or the constitution; there would be a universal cry for the RESTORATION of the  U.S. CONSTITUTION. But since most know absolutely nothing about what that document was created to give to all Americans: They cannot decide what it is that they supposedly want from their public display of dissatisfaction with everything today.

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