Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haaretz: Panetta Arrives in Israel for ‘Urgent Consultations’ on Iran

I have been writing for more than two years about the possibility of an Israeli war against Iran (make no mistake, an Israeli attack on Iran will notbe just a single discrete operation, but involve an ongoing, and regional war).  And I’ve never felt closer to the idea it was going to happen.  If it does, all of the political developments that led up to it should be fodder for an international studies colloquim on national conflicts, how they start, how to avoid them, and how needless and futile they are.
Today, Haaretz blares a headline (Hebrew print edition only) for a story by Amos Harel:
Second Meeting in Two Weeks:
U.S. Defense Secretary Arrives for Urgent Consultation on Iran
This is no ordinary meeting.

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