Friday, October 7, 2011

The Nation, ISO seek to channel Wall Street protests back to the Democratic Party

Even the socialists are worried the Occupy Wall Street Protests are being coopted by the dems as the Tea Party has largely been coopted by the repubs.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has struck a chord with millions of people. The wide support for the protests reveals the true state of public opinion in the US and elsewhere: opposition to the profit system has deepened and broadened enormously over the past several years. “Capitalism” is increasingly a dirty word, synonymous with great wealth for a handful and unbearable conditions for the vast majority.
The ISO/Socialist Worker editorial posted October 5, “Making common cause against Wall Street,” welcomes the fact that “Organized labor is weighing in on the side of the Occupy Wall Street protests. … The entry of major unions … points to the potential for the Occupy movement to deepen its social roots.” This last claim is entirely false. The American “unions” today are business organizations, operated by well-heeled officials and dedicated to the defense of the corporations and the wealthy. Their participation is not a deepening of the movement’s “social roots,” but an attempt to rip those roots out of the

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